A QA tester at Traveller's Tales Games (makers of the LEGO <insert something here> series) going by the Twitter handle @MATTYBOOSH has posted a picture to Twitter of what appears to a revised version of the Wii U controller. This correlates with rumors we'd heard earlier this year, of the Wii U tablet seeing some redesigns before being shown off again at E3 next month. The image has since been deleted, but we've grabbed it and posted it below.
First, note the new analog sticks. It appears that Nintendo has decided to include actual sticks, instead of the nubs found on the original tablet and the 3DS. This change might bump up the price, but it'll make a big difference in the long term. Next, notice the movement of the Start and Select buttons, which have found a new home on the right side of the controller. There's also a little square on the left side (that we really don't know the use of) and, maybe most importantly, actual Wii U branding.
With other rumors floating around speculating a name change, this is pseudo-confirmation that the Wii U moniker might be here to stay - if this is legit, that is.

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