Ubisoft has announced that one of their first projects for their new film studio is to bring Assassin's Creed to live action. Here are my choices for a cast.

Altair/ Desmond/ Ezio
David Belle
French, 38 years old

The co-creator of parkour has acting experience and doubles as a stuntman. He has martial arts training and a slew of underground credentials. His age could be a factor being the oldest Ive chosen BUT, his experience could be a bigger asset.

Dev Patel
English Indian, 21 years old

Dev's breakout role was in The Last Airbender. The movie bombed but Dev stood out and made his face recognizable. He is an underdog for this role because the dude never stops smiling, his experience is lacking, and Ubisoft might not choose him for what demographic he appeals to. 

Ian Somerhalder
American, 32 years old

Ian is best known for his role as Damon in The Vampire Diaries, but he can act. The reason I'm optioning him for the role is that Ubisoft needs a strong lead but someone who isn't easily recognizable. Assassin's Creed is about the story but also has strong characters. Ian has model experience if Ubisoft wants a pretty-boy to wield the hidden blades.

Jackson Rathbone
American born in Singapore, 26 years old

Everyone knows Jackson from Twilight but he has a broader range of talents and can pull of the darker side of an assassin. Rathbone hasn't hit major stardom yet which could be beneficial to the story and plot but could hurt him as well.  I choose Jackson for his chameleon-like performances.

James Franco
American, 33 years old.

This man can simply act his way out of a paper-bag. He can play almost any role and he is the Wild-Card of Hollywood. Look at almost all of his work and you'll see why he could pull off the level of emotion required. He's got the popularity to launch a frenzy with the role, but he may still be type-casted as the "pot smoking funny man" everyone knows him as. I , for one, would be excited if Franco was interested in the film; only if he doesn't ask for a lot of zeros in his paycheck.

Kristen Bell

Seriously there is no other choice. She played the role of the game, had her face scanned, read the scripts for the voice, and knows the role and story. Kristen would ace the part and she's a knockout to beat. She's not well known and a great up and coming actress.

There are a lot more actors that could take the roles and this list is a simple off-the-top-of-my-head roster. Comment and tell me who you think should be casted and why.

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