"All roads are covered, except for a few on/off-ramps that weren't very interesting," writes Adam from GTA4.net. "There's around 3,000 separate panoramas which were stitched together from almost 80,000 in-game screenshots (captured with a script) and the final set of tiles consist of over a million images."

The folks who run GTA4.net added an impressive new feature to their interactive GTA IVGoogle Map earlier this month, letting you revisit the boroughs of Liberty City from a Niko's eye view.

Dedicated fans, with the help of Google have put together an extremely detailed map of Grand Theft Auto's entire cities that shows everything from power-ups, pigeons, to easter eggs. 


Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games Logo
I'll save you the pain of understanding the original article from Forbes and summarize by saying that Take-Two Interactive has decreased in sales. A low share value makes it harder on companies and developers to push out a game let alone a handful that Take-Two is creating.

The projected share worth for 2012 is stacked at $1.20 per share, but in reality they would be lucky to see a dollar at most on each share. Long story short the numbers could drop an additional 20% in the next 12 months.

Grand Theft Auto is a classic, popular, and lucrative series that could save Take-Two, but the funds to make the game could break the bank and hurt the wallets of the publishers, producers, developers, etc.

At the earliest GTA5 could ship is estimated to be at the end of the Fiscal year of 2013.