David Twohy and Vin Diesel had a bit of a conversation on facebook and talked about the upcoming third film in the "Riddick" franchise. One of those topics was the fact that Riddick 3 will be R-Rated and will stay true to Pitch Black's theme and atmosphere.

Among the statements made:

David Twohy: "The movie itself is going to be a lot like Pitch Black because of the money involved... because we want to maintain our R-rating..."

Vin Diesel: "Which is a big deal."

David Twohy: "At any cost. It costs us a lot. [...] So it'll be probably a little tougher than, say, Chronicles [of Riddick] in that regard... We are going to be lean and we're going to do it quick, and it's going to be a cool movie, I can tell you that."


03/26/2011 02:35

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