The New Xbox Experience is coming this Fall and it will include a lot.
Xbox Live TV is one of the biggest announcements at E3 and it is all revolving around Kinect.

First off YouTube is coming to Xbox Live. That in itself is a huge reveal and something that many people were assuming at last year's E3. 
Secondly BING is also anchoring the new Xbox Live with Voice Search. No more cycling through all the games, movies, add-ons, etc. Now you can talk to Kinect and categorize everything quickly and easily. 

Microsoft's New Mantra; "You Say It, Xbox Finds It."

Xbox Live TV is being based on Canell, Foxtell, and Sky TV and will broadcast straight to your 360.

UFC is also coming to the 360 with an innovative way of watching MMA. Watch UFC events live with your friends and gain achievements like "Watched 50th knockout," and you can wager on events to see who called the matches.