Now calm down fan-boys and girls. I am a die-hard Saints fanatic and I will stand behind Troy Duffy. Lets Read On. 

Troy Duffy was asked if another film sequel could be on the way. Indirectly, he said;
“We’ve been approached to do a possible Boondock Saints TV series. So the fans may be getting a part 3 as a television show. We might be able to pull that off. I actually called both Sean [Patrick Flannery] and Norman [Reedus] and they both said ‘hell yeah, we’ll drop everything.’”

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more of the MacManus Brothers, but not at the expense of ruining the reputation and pattern these two characters live by. Basic cable will not suffice so HBO, Showtime, etc and their entire line-up may come to be home for the Irish brothers.  

You cannot have the Boondock Saints censored, the foul language and violence is apart of the mythology. And for the love of holy Mary cast Rocco in this please.