Nintendo announced today that the attack took place a few weeks ago on a website server in US, although it confirms that no user information was compromised by the hackers.

Nintendo's Ken Toyoda said: "There were no third-party victims, but it is a fact there was some kind of possible hacking attack," before later adding, "We are always working to make sure our systems are secure."

A hacker group known LulzSec has claimed responsibility for the attack, proving its claims by posting a config file taken from Nintendo's server. But the group insists that the attack was done not to cause harm, but to help Nintendo plug the gap in its security. 

Posting on Twitter, the hacker group said: "We're not targeting Nintendo. We like the N64 too much - we sincerely hope Nintendo plugs the gap. This is just for lulz. <3"

It later stated: "We just got a config file and made it clear that we didn't mean any harm. Nintendo had already fixed it anyway."