EA's press conference was yesterday and a lot was revealed, confirmed, and teased. Lets do this quickly and in swift detail.

Origin.com is the new hub for all things EA. Games, stats, achievements, trophies, friends, and all other records are tracked by Origin and can be viewed and compared to similar to that of RockStar's Social Club.

Need for Speed: The Run was the first out of the gate for EA. The new NFS title boasts better graphics with the FrostBite 2 engine, more explosions and collisions like that of Burnout, and a new feature; running. Yes thats right, NFS: The Run will actually make you run, jump, attack, twirl, and perform a bunch of QTE with many button presses.

Star Wars: The Old Republic showcased another montage of trailer bits, lightsaber action, and the massive saga laid out by Korriban's evil history and future. No gameplay footage, no details, just video of Jedi and Sith waging war to the backdrop of "Duel of the Fates" blaring from the stars.

SSX was shown off without the "graphic" subtitle "Deadly Descents." Not much was said except that the new game will allow you to ride down all of the world's real mountain ranges thanks to NASA Satellites. A cinematic trailer was full of avalanches, huge tricks, and a world covered in ice and snow. The release date was set for January 2012. 

FIFA 12 and Madden 2012 were shown back to back and similar to past E3s the two biggest sports games in the industry followed the pattern of better graphics, better features, better gameplay. FIFA sports a new feature that intuitively knows where players are and when collisions occur the physics is spot on and uses body mass as a figure.

The Sims Social was revealed for FaceBook to allow players to "Play with Friends" in the aspect of using your own friends list in FaceBook as the basis for your Sims experience. Chat, play, and socialize. 

Reckoning was unveiled by 38 Studios from Founder and former 2-time World Series Winner Kurt Shilling. This game is made up of three very Iconic people. 
Ken Rolston was the writer for both Morrowind and Oblivion of the Elder Scrolls franchise. 
Todd McFarlane was the creator of Spawn and is an iconic figure creator, artist, and media figure head. 
R.A. Salvatore is a legendary author of The Forgotten Realms and The DemonWars Saga. His mythos and fanbase has made his name notorious at conventions like Comic-Con.
Release in 2012.

OverStrike was teased by Insomniac Games and the best way to describe this new entry in the Brothers in Arms franchise is: "A re-imaging of the Brother in Arms world scaled to a visual similar to Team Fortress and an atmosphere like Inglorious Basterds."  

Battlefield 3 was the last mention of the conference with a stunning gameplay demo. DICE using the Frostbite 2 engine showed a short dubstep infused logo of Battlefield 3 in a teaser trailer and went on to describe that the Open Multiplayer BETA will be available for download in September. No subscription for online play required and that the release will be on October 25, 2011.