EW - the site that premiered the pic - dropped some SPOILERS.

It seems that Dex is collecting and bagging baby snakes that were found on the body. Of course, it's a message. 

"That is the first mysterious kill linked to Professor Gellar that's going to cross Dexter's path and let him know that he’s up against a killer, the likes of which he hasn't seen before,"executive producer Scott Buck tells EW.

I know this doesn't look spectacular because Dexter has been doing this for the last 5 seasons, but fans are jumping over any media with Dexter's name on it. 


If you weren't following me on twitter last year then you definitely don't know how much I am into Dexter. Watching every episode for the last 5 seasons have been exciting and pain-inducing. Just like last season I will be live-tweeting the occurrences of Season 6 as much as I can. I'm sure there will be episodes I miss or get to watch later but I will do my best to stay side-by-side with Dexter this season. Cheers to the Dark Passenger! Watch for the #Dexter hash-tag.