This website was not the first to be created by me to share news with the world. I started on youtube with a webcam my girlfriend bought me and the want to talk about games, record my opinions and the news of the world, and share my feelings and info to all I could. 
My first video on youtube was around October of 2009. Fast-forward to 2011 where my new and improved and 400 videos strong youtube channel gets deleted for "copyright infringement." That was a sad day.

This website started in September of 2010 and has given me a great sense of accomplishment and it happily one of my top priorities in the world. All I want is to share news with people, talk to others about games we love and hate, watch the media industry succeed and fail/toss and turn, and enjoy the entertainment that so many hard-working artists, designers, producers, musicians, programmers, gaffers, sound tech, casting agents, marketing teams, and everyone else creates. I thank you all for the games and movies you give us.

I want to thank you most of all. Thank you for reading this article and visiting my website. You are the reason I spend more than 70 hours a week researching news, writing articles, tweeting news, and breaking my fingers to get you updated and informed. It took me less than 10 months to reach 1000 articles. I hope you're here with me for number 2000. Keep gaming and never give up.

To Will, my editor;
Thank you for finding me on youtube and keeping my head up. You're young and enthusiastic and I'm glad you're on this website with me. Here's wishes for E3 partner!

-Daniel, ThePauseMenu

07/18/2011 17:58



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