The final episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy wasn’t aired a month back because the minds behind the series wanted the special effects to look their best so they waited for the last day of Comic-Con to reveal the final episode. 
Now, Machinima (via Coming Soon) has announced the final episode, which will feature Sektor and Cyrax, will air Sunday July 24th.

You can view it here on ThePauseMenu's Mortal Kombat Legacy Tab after its uploaded to Youtube if you see fit.

@KTANCH, Kevin Tancharoen, on twitter posted this image early this morning with the tag "Prepare for Battle."

Cyrax and Sektor are looking more lovely than ever.

The last episode of the popular web-series is premiering at Comic-Con.

If you want to catch up on the other episodes you can view them right HERE.

The ninth and final episode of Kevin Tancharoen's short web series is being shown at Comic Con 2011.

Why the long wait from episode 8?

The final episode needed some extra time to perfect the "special effects" for two of Mortal Kombat's most favorited characters; Sektor and Cyrax (seen to the left).

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