Ruari Robinson turned down a full-scale, live-action, hugely budgeted, and highly popular manga-turned-animated film-turned-remake. Albert Hughes then walked away. But now Jaume Collet-Serra will try to do what neither of them were ultimately willing to: Bring a US adaptation of Akira to the big screen for Warner Brothers. And he's going to have to do it with a significantly reduced budget.

The "Akira" project is now being called a "reinvisioned" adaptation of the popular and epic manga. Using "reinvisioned" scares me to death because the original film was a humongous achievement in story-telling, animation, and scale. "Reinvisioning" Akira might turn out to be another way hollywood totally changes the script, story, characters, setting, etc.
The original adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's manga and subsequent animated feature was initially planned as a two film deal with a total budget of $230 million

Now? There is no mention of how many pictures are planned but the total budget cited is only $90 million, it seems that the two film plan is over. Even if WB is planning for $90 million per picture and keeping to the two film plan that would still represent a $50 million reduction in budget, which is no small change.

"Reinvisioned" is sounding like "cheap." Theres no telling if Tokyo will be changed for a place like Manhattan or another America Metropolis, but thats not a hint that the remake will be based in North America. No details have been set for a locale or the cast. Not even a time period is set.


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