Star Wars: The Old Republic is such a seller that Razer has made brand new tech for the intergalactic MMO.

 The mouse is a modified version of the Razer Naga Epic MMO gaming mouse, a device that retails for $130, or $10 less than the Star Wars version. This mouse is a dual wired / wireless mouse. Plug in the wire, and it's wired. Unhook it, and its wireless. The glowing charge base looks especially pretty on your desk, and the twelve programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse keep your MMO hotbar at the tip of your thumb. It's got three interchangeable right side panels for maximum comfort, and it's illumination can be set to random or any of 16 million colors. 

The Headset is a bit more hard to define as it is a new model and filled with new tech although its 7.1 surround ready. Like the gaming mouse, the Star Wars headset features a pair of interchangeable faction symbols, along with customizable glowing LED lighting. The headset retails at $130.

Purchase either the mouse or the headset and you receive a special bonus in-game item: the exclusive black and green weapon crystal. This modification allows players to change the color of their blaster fire or lightsaber to black with a sickly green outline 

The soon-to-be-released Star Wars: The Old Republicgaming keyboard integrates the same LCD touch panel technology as Razer's Blade laptop and retails for $250