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Rakghouls are the closest thing Star Wars gets to a "Zombie." These beasts are born from an infected creature, human, or humanoid being and can be a great danger to those in it's path. Increased strength and senses make it a huge obstacle in battle. Most gamers remember Rakghouls from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as they were annoying, hard to defeat and could attack in numbers like a pack of wolves.

Set for release Tuesday, January 17, update 1.1 will introduce new, higher level group content, game feature additions and "continued balancing and bug fixes," says BioWare.

New material includes level 50 bracketing for PvP WarZones, the addition of anti-aliasing and changes to Open World PvP on Ilum.
Rise of the Rakghouls also introduces a new Flashpoint and Operation mission. Level 50-only Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege, is a completely new group combat mission located on Kaon, a neutral planet in the Tion Hegemony.

"Groups of up to four Republic or Imperial players must race to Kaon to eliminate the Rakghouls outbreak, securing the allegiance of the Tion Hegemony for their respective sides," BioWare explains.

Meanwhile Operation: Karagga's Palace is a continuation of the game's second launch Operation, and sees teams of 8 or 16 players face off against Karagga and the Hutt Cartel after the Hutts abandon their famous neutrality and breach agreements with both the Republic and Empire.

"Concerned by the threat of another combatant in the war for galactic control, both factions send teams of their most powerful heroes to confront Karagga and determine his intentions. This Operation will feature Normal, Heroic and Nightmare difficulty modes." 

"A month ago when we launched the Early Game Access program for Star Wars: The Old Republic, we promised our fans that this would just be the beginning of our journey together," said Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare.

"Rise of the Rakghouls adds a lot of the things our community has been asking for - additional higher level group content, features like anti-aliasing, PvP bracketing and more. In the future, game updates will be even more substantial, as we promise to continue to not only add to The Old Republic, but to also improve and refine the experience with the full Legacy System and new Guild features."

Producer and longtime George Lucas collaborator Rick McCallum dropped some key hints about the long-planned live-action Star Wars TV show - the one that supposedly has 50 scripts already written and is just waiting for the costs of visual effects to drop before moving forward. McCallum revealed the show's working title is Star Wars: Underworld, it is indeed set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, that "it's about that period when the Empire is trying to take things [over]", and that the show's primary focus will be on the criminal underbelly of theStar Wars universe. McCallum elaborates:

"It's underneath what's going on. It's the criminals and the gangs. The guys who are running Wall Street, basically. The guys who are running the United States."

It's going to be interesting to find out the budget this show has and how long the subtitle "Underworld" will stick on this project.


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Star Wars: The Old Republic is such a seller that Razer has made brand new tech for the intergalactic MMO.

 The mouse is a modified version of the Razer Naga Epic MMO gaming mouse, a device that retails for $130, or $10 less than the Star Wars version. This mouse is a dual wired / wireless mouse. Plug in the wire, and it's wired. Unhook it, and its wireless. The glowing charge base looks especially pretty on your desk, and the twelve programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse keep your MMO hotbar at the tip of your thumb. It's got three interchangeable right side panels for maximum comfort, and it's illumination can be set to random or any of 16 million colors. 

The Headset is a bit more hard to define as it is a new model and filled with new tech although its 7.1 surround ready. Like the gaming mouse, the Star Wars headset features a pair of interchangeable faction symbols, along with customizable glowing LED lighting. The headset retails at $130.

Purchase either the mouse or the headset and you receive a special bonus in-game item: the exclusive black and green weapon crystal. This modification allows players to change the color of their blaster fire or lightsaber to black with a sickly green outline 

The soon-to-be-released Star Wars: The Old Republicgaming keyboard integrates the same LCD touch panel technology as Razer's Blade laptop and retails for $250