Since the 3DS was announced reps have been warning that the graphics could cause major eye problems to the younger demographic. Now "they're" saying it can actually benefit the same demographic.

The American Optometric Association still cautions moderation in 3D use, but in a statement issued today says that there is no evidence that suggests viewing 3D in moderation would have any sort of negative effect in children or adults.

In fact, the AOA says that using 3D technology like the 3DS could help uncover undiagnosed vision problems that doctors would miss under normal testing conditions.

Just keep an eye on your children, and if they start to experience what doctors call the three D's of 3D viewing - discomfort, dizziness, or lack of depth - bring them to an eye specialist and have them checked out.


So not only does the 3DS have the potential of threatening your eyesight or your child's eyesight it actually does the work for the doctors so they dont have to diagnose you. Insane.

1/5/2011 10:31:29 am

This sounds magical!


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