It would seem that Modern Warfare 3 was inevitable and its release was leaked for November of 2011. 

Everyone should know that Infinity Ward's Ex-Executives Jason West and Vince Zampella are no longer with the company. They were fired by EA along with many other employees on grounds of insubordination and sabotage. With a lawsuit still waging over what really happened EA and Infinity Ward are still working hard on the Call of Duty Franchise. 

Modern Warfare 3 is set to have Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games working on the Single Player Story, and Raven Softworks meddling with the multiplayer. Sledgehammer games is also working on a Call of Duty "Adventure" game that was supposed to come out later this year but the project is being pushed back says EA.

This shows that the term "Modern Warfare" is closely becoming a trademark to EA and Infinity Ward. This was rumored around the time Modern Warfare 2 was being released when some box art showed the "Call of Duty" moniker with Modern Warfare 2 in bold...while other only showed "Modern Warfare 2." The game was finalized with the Call of Duty franchise name for fear that gamers wouldn't know it was a COD game.

With three studios vying for power and $$$ over this new installment in the series it begs the question; is Call of Duty becoming another Halo? or is EA trying to milk everything they can from this sacred FPS series?