Manga and Anima have had a hard time adapting to the big-screen of Hollywood. Films like Speed Racer and Dragonball: Evolution have hit shelves quicker than most direct-to-dvd movies. While M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender was insulted beyond description by critics and fans. Akira is currently in production limbo with a cast slowly being chosen after careful consideration and a budget that could match Avatar. Simply put; anime and manga have a difficult time with the big-screen.

Hitflix reports that Bleach, owned by Viz Media Inc., could now be under the microscope for a big motion picture live-action spectacle. "Get Smart" director Peter Segal is set to produce the adaptation through his Callahan Filmworks, and could end up directing as well. "Wrath of the Titans" screenwriter Dan Mazeau is writing the film, while Michael Ewing and actor-producer Masi Oka ("Heroes") will co-produce along with VIZ Productions. 

The big problem with most adaptations of Manga and Anime is that for one; they shouldn't be created. Most fans agree that in their original form the stories, characters, and events shine truer than anything a second chance can pull off. Secondly, most big-screen adaptations like to go live-action, meaning real actors, real time, shot with everything the real world holds. This perturbs fans the most because the fantasy of the writing and visuals are too difficult or different than what real actors and physics can offer. 

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