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We already had plenty of reason to believe that Prototype 2 was in the works, but now the game has a trailer with a some in-game footage and a few surprises.

Debuting at the Spike Video Game Awards, the Prototype 2 trailer reveals that the sequel will once again take place in a New York City overrun by a mutant virus of some sort. A soldier named James Hellen, who has returned from war overseas, will step in as the main character. His goal? To murder Alex Mercer, the troubled hero of the first game.

The biggest question I have so far is simply: What will set Prototype 2 apart from the original? Though Prototype had a lot of promise, it also had some serious problems, and so far the brief glimpses of footage for the sequel look all too familiar. We'll have plenty of time to find out what's going on, though, as Prototype 2 isn't planned for release until 2012.

Check out the trailer below.

{Source: GameInformer


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