2011 is almost here and what are you looking forward to releasing this year? What would you like to hear announced? And Most of all, what do you want on your TV or PC screen?

The Elder Scrolls 5
Going to Skyrim seems dangerous, but we now know that Bethesda has a brand new game engine its unveiling with TESV. Lets hope the fifth in the successful series gets another award for the GOTY.

Next Halflife
Dont know if it will be Halflife 2 Episode 3, or just Halflife 3, but what we do know is that we want it! Valve has been good to their fans so lets hope all the years of waiting will pay off.

The End of Halo
Bungie needs a new franchise. Like now. And 343 Studios should leave Master Chief where he is.

The Rise of Respawn Entertainment
After Activision fired almost all of Infinity Ward after the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the shunned developers started their own company; Respawn Entertainment. ThePausemenu wishes them luck and hopes they'll be a huge name in gaming before 2012.

Zelda back to the roots
Its been a very long time since a Zelda game has had enough longevity to match Ocarina of Time. I propose a 2D retrospective with some RPG elements and a massive story that take more than a weekend to complete. I'd even risk the franchise to invent a new protagonist.

Bully Sequel
What happened to this Rockstar-GTA-Knockoff? This game was golden in all the right places but it flopped before anyone had a chance to clean of the spitwads from the ceiling. This game had all the GTA ingredients but gave you the world of a child to play in. This franchise could blossom if the right people worked on it.

An MMORPG for Console.
The tech is here. People are working on it and have worked on it for years. A hybrid was almost released in 2002, but was cut from marketing. It wont matter if its on the PS3 or 360 it needs to happen. MAG was able to put 250+ people on the same server and game, lets get with the future.

:) Crossing my fingers

Dragon Age 2
For obvious reasons. 

Jade Empire 2
The code was rumored and leaked, the studio wants to make it, its a favorite to almost every rpg gamer alive, and the game won awards. Make this sequel.

Star Wars: KOTOR 3
I shouldnt have to explain why this game should be made. The Old Republic used some of the hype for KOTOR 3 to sell copies, but Bioware and/or Obsidian need to craft this into pure gold.

APB: All Points Bulletin
The game went bust just 3 months after releasing. I got an account on youtube banned for uploading closed beta footage. Ive followed APB to the point of tears and it failed to meet the people's expectations. The game is still in limbo however, with EPIC games looking to buy it and redo it. I hope this game can get the recognition it deserves.

Left 4 Dead 3
Another Valve masterpiece. In my opinion the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott was some of the dumbest arguments ever. I'm excited for another edition of a Zombie-killer Rock'n' Roll Thriller. Bring it on Valve!

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