Most are familiar with the hit television show from the History Channel, American Pickers. This show features two longtime friends, Mike and Frank, who travel from coast to coast, recovering and restoring antique pieces of America's history and culture. The only thing that could make this show any better is if they were to start hunting video games, am I right? Hmm...well, we can only dream I suppose...


The Game Chasers show on Youtube follows two pals, Billy and Jay, as they travel all across their native state of Texas to build up their collection of video games from all generations! Now, this article will be short and sweet most likely, because I really can't put into words how absolutely UNBELIEVABLY incredible this show is! To say this show is the best show on Youtube under the gaming category, maybe even under all categories, is an understatement. I really do feel like I'm watching a TV show whenever I click on one of their videos in my subscription box. The camera work; excellent. Audio quality; blows my mind. Editing; the best I've seen. Overall production value; :-O.  The chemistry between these two friends is incredible, and you can really tell that they enjoy hanging out with each other, as well as doing the show. Uploaded on to the Captain8Bit Youtube channel,  the show is now up to seven episodes. And trust me. As soon as you've watched one episode, you'll be watching the entire season all the way through over and over! The show is also featured on retrowaretv.com. All I can say is, PLEASE, just watch the episode I have featured below. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor, and you WILL love the show! If I could make anyone subscribe to any channel on Youtube, mine or Danny's being an option, I would make someone subscribe to this channel. 

08/15/2011 21:01

Wow thanks dude! This means a lot

Shady Jay
09/26/2011 13:15

Thanks for the kind words!!!


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