A month and a half has passed since the cult-classic game, Duke Nukem Forever, hit stores. While critics bashed it, gamers praised this game that took 15 years to develop. Due to the great fan reception, 2K Games and Gearbox Software are releasing a DLC pack entitled "Hail To The Icons Parody Pack". This add-on comes packed with four new maps, three new modes, and a few new weapons.

The new maps being released are as follows:
•Call of Duke- A modern day cityscape, poking fun at the popular Modern Warfare series. This map features a new weapon named the n00b t00b, which is just a fancy term for a grenade launcher.
•2Forts1Bridge- A Team Fortress 2-esque map, which features a brand new minigun, a nod at the iconic character for Team Fortress.
•Inferno- Duke gets some 16-bit history thrown on him as he's put into a map full of lava and teleporters.
•Sandbox- Players take to the sand while they battle as Mini-Duke inside a playground sandbox. Two bases are setup on either side, constructed of children's toys. This map features the last of the new weapons, the sticky grenades!

The three new modes are as follows:
•Hot Potato- Who can hold onto the babe the longest? Find out in this brand new gameplay mode.
•Hail To The King- Duke Nukem's own version of Free For All. 
•Freeze Tag- A teamwork driven game, where players work to freeze and shatter all opponents in succession. 

No word as to the official release date or price yet, though two things are certain. Duke Nukem First Access Club members will be given access to download the pack for free, and the 360, PS3, and PC release will be simultaneous. Will you be purchasing this pack? What are your thoughts on Duke Nukem Forever? Let us know in the comments below!

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