Games for the PS3 have a big factor in their favor with disc capacity. Games like L.A. Noire take 3 discs to be able to have the full experience.

Skyrim's art director Matt Carofano has confirmed that the game will be a single Xbox 360 disc. Given how enormous the game's world is, that's a pretty impressive feat of engineering.

300+ hours of gameplay mashed into one disc is ridiculous. Bethesda produced and Id Software developed RAGE is a game of comparison. RAGE is recommend to be installed into the harddrive so that the disc doesn't take all the attention and have the heavy workload. I know I'm going to install Skyrim into my 360.


The single-player game of Doom 4 runs at 30 frames per second (FPS), the multiplayer part, however, with 60 frames per second, John Carmack has confirmed.

id Software Lead Engineer/designer and legend John Carmack has confirmed in a recent interview that the single-player game of Doom 4 at 30 frames per second (FPS) is running. The multiplayer part, however, would run at a constant 60 FPS. "In multiplayer mode of Doom 4, we have opted for 60 frames per second. In single-player mode, however, Doom 4 runs in 30 FPS. Accordingly, can you fight against twice as many monsters," says Carmack. Deeper detail was not mentioned by Carmack.

Bethesda has announced the Collector's Edition of RAGE. If you’ve liked such games as DOOM, QUAKE and Wolfenstien then you'll love RAGE, which uses the new ID tech 5 engine to create an stunning new game that runs smoothly at 60FPS. When the game ships October 7th it will also ship with the “Anarchy Edition" (collectors edition) filled with goodies and extra for fans, and will feature:

Making of’ DVD
Features exclusive access to the legendary id Software where they discuss the characters, enemies, various weapons, ammo types and gadgets you’ll come across in the RAGE wasteland.  id staff go into detail about the world they crafted, as well as the game’s variety of intense missions, co-op modes and Road RAGE, the vehicular combat mode.  Not only does the ‘Making of’ DVD contain a behind-the-scenes series of interviews with the team, but also footage from the 2011 QuakeCon® event.

Comic Books
This comic series, developed with the direct participation of RAGE’s creative director, Tim Willits, is set prior to the events in the game and will provide numerous insights into the game’s storyline.

The Anarchy Edition of RAGE, which adds four downloadable in-game items to your post-apocalyptic arsenal. This includes:
  • A Double Barrel Shotgun
    Wasteland settler design and ingenuity! Features compact form factor with plenty of muscle to take out everything from mutants, bandits and maybe even a lone Authority Enforcer.
  •  Crimson Elite Armour
    This is the most sought-after armour in the wasteland. Constructed of hardened plate armour, this gear was created specifically to withstand the toughest wasteland battles. It also features larger component storage, allowing you to carry more parts that will aid in the fabrication of advanced engineering items.
  • Fists of RAGE
    A classic weapon for close quarters combat. When you’ve run out of ammunition and fists are the only option, these razor sharp knuckle blades will give you that combat edge.
  • Rat Rod Buggy
    Improve your odds of survival in the wasteland with this vehicle that comes equipped with a front smash guard and durable protection.
All four items are exclusive to the Anarchy Edition, and available for pre-order today.

Most gamers are now used to buying games that have access codes in them. One-time use codes that unlock DLC, multiplayer modes, or other add-ons. This feature is an incentive for gamers to buy "new retail" copies of the games rather than buying used media from the secondary market.

Bethesda and Id Software's RAGE is using a once-time use access code for the single-player campaign. Yes, that means that you NEED the code to walk, interact, travel, and do other verbs in certain areas of the map. That means the specific missions, tasks, items, NPCs and etc will be out of gamer's reach if they buy the game used.

"If you bought the game new, [those hatches] would be open for you," says id's creative director, Tim Willits in an interview with Eurogamer. "You still have to download it, but you don't have to pay for it. Those hatches are all over. Most people never find them. But as soon as you do, you're like, oh. And then you start to look for it. That's our first-time buyer incentive.

"But as you can tell, most people never even see it. I can tell you, some people will buy Rage, download that, and still never set foot in those things. They just won't. I think that's fair. It's cool. It's outside the main path. We're not detracting from anything. But I know some consumers, when you can't avoid it, then you get a little touchy subject."