Diablo 3
Blizzard reveals that the long-awaited Diablo 3 will require players to be constantly connected to the internet, even after an initial authentication process has been completed.

Rob Pardo, Blizzard's executive VP of Game Design, says that this requirement is due to the implementation of numerous new Battle.net and Auction House features.

Those features include the following:
  • A persistent friends list.
  • Cross-game chat via the RealID system.
  • Persistent characters that are stored server-side (no more having to play online once every 90 days, nor item duplication cheats).
  • Persistent party system.
  • Player-versus-player and public game matchmaking.
  • Dynamic drop-in/out for co-op
  • Larger item stash that gets shared among all of your characters (at the moment, up to 10)
  • The auction house (allows players to sell loot for real money)
  • The Achievement system and detailed stat-tracking, both of which feed into the final point:
  • The Banner system, a visual way to display your skills that take into account earned achievements, the number of PVP victories etc. Banners can be clicked to teleport to other players.