Anonymous has suspended attacks on Sony as of today (4-7-11). The reasons behind the decision were not laid out but various context clues point to Anonymous only wanting to hurt Sony, not the gamers. We'll keep a close eye on Anonymous and Sony.

Anonymous is an infamous group of elite hackers from around the world who team up to take down "insidious" companies and other "dastardly" people. I for one support Anonymous for two reasons; its entertaining to watch them succeed time and time again, and its impressive to see righteous acts of internet ninjas prove to the heirarchy that they should be fair to the people.

Such acts performed by Anonymous are many in number and varied in classification. Deletion of websites, blogs, and charities; slander of corporation big-wigs, releasing of classified documents and images; and many demonstrations of pranks and humor.

Sony is one of the new targets Anonymous is taking down for the court battles of Sony vs GeoHotz and Graf_Chokolo. The online hacking group has followed through on its threats to distribute denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Sony's servers and websites. In just the past few days the group has crashed Playstation.com, UK's PlaystaionBlog, crippled the Playstation Network, and posted personal information about Sony's more important employees. That is a hefty list of accomplishments, both bold and impressive.

All of this activity has forced Sony to enlist the help of DDoS defense firm Prolexic; an experienced company which, according to its website, has been “[providing] online businesses with the most advanced protection available against DDoS attacks and malicious botnet activity” for nearly 7 years.

"Hiring Prolexic was expected. We knew sooner or later Sony would enlist outside help. If I had to put money on it...I'd say, Prolexic is going down like a two dollar whore in a Nevada chicken ranch." This quote was from Takai, a proponent of a SonyRecon Splinter group associated with Anonymous.

He continued to say, "So far, all Sony has seen from us is poking and prodding. A simple salute to let them know, we’re coming. Make no mistake, what you saw today and thought to be frustration is merely preparation for what’s to come. We said, expect us. Counting us out, would be a mistake.”

The majority of this online war is being faught behind closed PC doors and in the heart of Sony; which means the public won't know every detail. We all have to wait until the dust settles and some facts come out from either side. The only thing that is certain is the collateral damage Anonymous is causing to the oblivious gamers who get on PSN everyday and just want to play their hard-earned games in piece.


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