This accessory gets a 4/5.
This, readers, is a throat communicator. Mad Catz has delivered another great accessory for the Xbox 360. This simple microphone and single ear bud is light weight, functional, and easy to use and wear.

Utilizing a military-inspired behind-the-neck design, skirmishes become immersive as you go head-to-head with hostiles on Xbox LIVE. Lightweight, comfortable, and complete with an adjustable neckband boasting foam-rubber inserts for a custom fit, the Throat Communicator provides hands-free messaging for warriors of all sizes.
  • Officially licensed for Gears of War 3
  • Military-inspired behind-the-neck design
  • Customizable neckband with foam-rubber inserts
  • Transparent sound tube blends in with surroundings
  • Provides lightweight, comfortable hands-free messaging
  • Crystal-clear communication and sound quality
  • Integrated volume/mute controls
  • Perfect for use with Xbox LIVE®

This review is simple. The Gears of War 3 Throat Mic from Mad Catz works and works well. The only downside to this is the rare annoyance of your hair getting caught in the adjustment piece. Lady gamers be warned. The length of the cord is perfect and the ear bud is meant to wrap around the back of your ear and rest inside the ear canal. The volume control dial is a waste because it's either maxed out or silent; there is no in between. You can flip the mic upside down to use on the other ear if you prefer and it's a great accessory to boast about; not many gamers have them. The final point i would like to make that makes this product a 4 instead of a 5/5 is that it is wired. This mic and ear bud should be wireless.

I highly recommend this product for gamers because it is for gamers. GameShark.com has this unique accessory for $29.99
I am using this product and loving it.